Our Hot Tub

At Burghope Cottage, you’ll enjoy your very own Jacuzzi hot tub in a private and sheltered patio, covered by a bespoke wooden gazebo. We understand just how important it is to keep the hot tub clean and safe for our guests to use, so we’d like to reassure you by providing some information about our hot tub hygiene and safety. 


Our fast electric pump means we’re able to quickly empty the hot tub water between every changeover. We then clean the surface with AquaSPArkle Surface Cleaner and all external touch points including the steps, control panel, handles and lid are disinfected. The filter is replaced with a new, clean one and AquaSPArkle ScaleAway is added to prevent and remove scale deposits. The hot tub is then refilled and the booster heats the water to the perfect temperature within four hours – so it’s hot and ready to use on arrival. 

Automatic Dosing System

Our top-of-the-range automatic dosing system ensures the correct amount of chemicals are in the hot tub at all times. 

The hot tub controller incorporates pH, ORP and temperature sensors. All readings are measured and the data is transferred to the controller by a digital connection. The two built-in chemical feed pumps are proportionally controlled with adjustable flow rates. One of the pumps is used to dose acid while the other is used to dose chlorine, giving our guests peace of mind that the hot tub is safe to use. Click here to read more about how the automatic dosing system works.

Hot Tub and Spa Water Hygiene Management Course

We have completed a Hot Tub & Spa Water Hygiene Management Course with BISHTA Hot Tub covering the basic principles of: water treatment, practical water testing, water balance, pool hygiene and disinfection, health and safety, risks of legionnaires’ disease and chemical awareness training.

We look forward to welcoming you to Burghope Cottage and hope you enjoy the Jacuzzi hot tub!