The Renovation of Burghope Cottage

Deep in the Wiltshire countryside, Burghope Cottage has been lovingly restored and transformed into a romantic retreat with soft Bath stone walls, original flagstone floors, cosy wood burners and a blissful Jacuzzi hot tub. Carry on reading for our renovation story.

Before The Renovation

We bought the semi-detached cottage in October 2015. The location of Burghope Cottage; tucked away in the quaint Old Winsley Village, close to Bath in the wonderful Wiltshire countryside, is just perfect!

The cottage originally had two small bedrooms with a bathroom in the middle; two lean-tos were at the side of the cottage with corrugated plastic roofing and scaffolding poles and plastic milk bottles used for guttering. The once loved garden was very overgrown but there was so much potential! 

During The Renovation

Starting work straight away, we demolished the two lean-tos and blocked the doors into the kitchen and lounge, creating a new arch doorway. Surprisingly, the chimney in the kitchen was only held up by the floor boards above! We made it safe and cleared the chimney breast of plaster. An old rotten bowed beam was removed and new French windows and a door added.

We removed the small Bath stone fireplace in the lounge (which now has a new home next door!) and demolished the wall between the original hallway and small lounge, using the Bath stone to build the new and impressive inglenook fireplace. The original stairs were then turned around to make the cottage fully open plan.

We removed all the flooring, adding a damp proof membrane. We even found bones of a cat by the side of the fireplace; our stonemason said it was common for dead pets to be buried in the house as good luck and the floor would have been soil at the time. He insisted that we re-bury the bones back in the same place as it would be bad luck not to! 

The original Bath Stone floor was re-laid and more Bath stone flagstones were found under the concrete floor in the kitchen so we used these to add to the hallway and lounge, with just one to spare! The original lounge was very dark with a small window, so new French doors were added and more of the Bath stone from the wall was used to make the stone reveals. The large oak beam replaced where the original wall had been and is a brilliant feature to the lounge.

The original entrance was rebuilt in stone and the large garage at the front was demolished to create the new access. We repointed the inside of the cottage, sealing the stone, added new floorboards in the bedroom and opened the roof space, adding conservation roof lights which flood the gorgeous room with light.

A new contemporary oak and glass staircase was added in the cottage, leading up to the spacious bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom was tiled and furnished and we used the legs of an old sewing machine stand for the vanity unit. Finally, the engineered oak flooring was laid and we furnished the cottage. We used up-cycled bedroom furniture, (special thanks to Mary from Stone Paper Scissors in Bradford-on-Avon for an amazing job distressing the furniture to match the new French bed frame.) If you venture along the river in Bradford-on-Avon, her lovely shop is worth a browse in the Tithe Barns. We tried to buy furniture from local antique shops where possible.

After The Renovation

We are so pleased with the result of Burghope Cottage and started taking our first bookings in December 2019! This exquisite cottage has enormous appeal for all couples, from romantics to outdoor enthusiasts. Click here to plan your future getaway.